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Because we believe in the youth, we have created an academy for them.

After having observed young people’s abilities in the digital world for 20 years, we have established an academy that is designed to meet their needs.

Mastering computer code is a long journey. ALGOCODE has set this as its goal in order to train new generations that will be capable of entering universities with greater confidence.

ALGOCODE is a place for creating, discovering, working in teams, innovating, and learning how to solve problems.

It is an non-profit Organization that is staffed by a team of teachers who are specialized in the fields of algorithms and programming, web design, management of databases and networks, information security, robotics, social networks, and mobile applications.

We urge school principals and teachers of computer science to encourage their students to enroll in our academy and enhance their talent and skills.

Parents, the mastery of computer code is necessary for the professional future of your children! Act now and be part in shaping their future.

Young people, ALGOCODE offers you a unique opportunity to discover and master the language of tomorrow! Reserve your place today.

The founders: Juan Hobeiche and Wissam Daccache